Inside Migrations Learning Unit

IMG 5088

The Migrations Unit, one of GVP’s integrated units of study, is now fully underway. Across all forms, students are studying varying aspects of migrations. In this unit, students examine human migration and animal migration as adaptations to changing ecosystems. They study push/pull factors as reasons living things migrate. Some students will study animals such as…

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The High Museum Comes to GVP

IMG 2696

The High Museum of Art came to GVP this month. As part of a long-term partnership between the two institutions, visiting artist Tanya Aguiñiga came to teach an art class to GVP Students.All three forms gathered in the Form One classroom for this class. Miss Tanya is an artist who grew up on the US/Mexico…

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Form Three Explores Native American Culture

form 3 at stone mountain

The loud, deep pounding of the drums and deep rhythmic chanting from the drum circle welcomed us as we entered the Native American Festival and Pow Wow. As the drums played, dancers wearing traditional clothing, adorned with colorful beads and feathers, moved in motion to the beat of the drums. During the Eagle Dance, one…

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Mentors Meet and Match

IMG 2638 1 1

GVP mentors had their first in person meeting since the pandemic began. The meeting took place at Decatur Presbyterian Church and was led by Mentor Coordinator, Michelle Kuperman. During the meeting, they discussed upcoming mentors events including matching Form Three students with their mentors, the success of the Welcome Walk, the annual mentor/mentee trip to…

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Insight Global Shares the Light

Smiling Student at Lunch

Staff of Insight Global visited GVP on October 27 to serve lunch to the students. Their visit was a response to GVP’s lunch program which welcomes individuals and groups on Wednesdays to sponsor and lunch for and serve meals to the girls during their lunch break. Insight Global (IG) is a staffing agency that provides…

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Crispin Wilondja Joins Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies Retreat

Mr. Crispin and Form 2 Art Wall

Since the beginning of Covid-19, the Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies (CRSA) has not had the opportunity to meet in person. Meetings were held virtually. The desire to meet in person was fulfilled on Saturday, September 23rd when CRSA met for the 2022 annual retreat at the Clarkston Community Center. Representatives from almost every member…

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Fulbright Scholars Visit GVP

Katie Fulbright Teacher Award 1

This month, GVP welcomed three educators from around the world who were part of a Fulbright program hosted by Georgia State University. Ja Seng Pan from Myanmar, Thi Lien Bui from Thailand and Sadath Mwamsema were hosted by Ms. Johna Meldau, Ms. Olivia McKellar and Ms. Katie Fowler, respectively. Over the course of two weeks,…

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