GVP Responds to Refugee Crisis in Ukraine

Thirteen years ago, the founders of  Global Village Project made a commitment to meeting the educational needs of refugee young women and preparing them for high school. Their vision stemmed from a larger cause that still exists today. According to UNHCR, 84 million people across the world are currently displaced. We condemn the Russian invasion…

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GVP Alumni Receive Scholarships for College

Nasteho 1

Global Village Project is placing the spotlight and sending a shoutout to all our alum who have received scholarships to go to college, whether they be Mr. Ricky Scholars, named after GVP’s Founder, Asian Pacific scholarships or others. We especially wanted to highlight four of our alum who have recently received very prestigious, full ride…

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Codes are Everywhere: Students Apply Coding to Multiple Subjects

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“Codes are about much more than just coding.” For the past eight weeks, students have been participating in the Codes Learning Unit. The goal of this unit is to demonstrate the interdisciplinary nature of codes which can be found across subjects. “The codes unit is very integrated in its nature, and very multi-disciplinary. We love…

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Alum Returns as a Teacher Assistant Intern

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Mu Ku graduated from Global Village Project in 2017. This semester, she returned once more to our school during an internship as a teacher’s assistant. Mu Ku’s first moments at GVP were spent very quietly. ‘When I first started at GVP, I was very nervous. I was very shy to speak because I didn’t know…

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Welcome Hope Covington as New School Counselor

Hope Headshot Final

“To sit in my position as a therapist is an honor. I feel honored to be a counselor and watch people’s small changes over time, which ultimately change their lives.” Hope Covington joined Global Village Project this past January. Hope’s unique life experiences have shaped her perspectives during her journey to become a therapist. Hope…

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Students Adopt a Growth Mindset through Art

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Have you ever tried to create something that did not turn out the way you wanted? Were you disappointed in yourself? Did you learn from your mistakes and try again? Each Thursday, our Forms One and Two(first and second year students) can be found drawing, painting, or otherwise creating in visual arts class. The air…

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Coding in Music: Elise Witt Teaches How Codes Can Help Make Music

Elise and student singing

“It’s important to know that it is not necessary for a musician to be able to read music to make  music,” says Ms. Elise, Artist-in-Residence. “Many musicians learn and create music by ear. Written music is just a code, a language for musicians to communicate with each other.”  The Integrated Unit of Study this quarter…

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