A Singular Education

Global Village Project is the only school in the country dedicated to educating refugee girls who have had their education interrupted.

It Only Takes One

Each and every girl we educate has the potential to not only change her life and that of her family’s, but also her community and even the world. Your gift helps us prepare our students to be undaunted, and allows us to pioneer an innovative model of refugee education to share with educators globally. DONATE NOW >

Merging Many Worlds

Our 45 students come from 1 of 12 African or Asian countries and collectively speak 15 languages—from French to Kinyarwanda and Kirundi to Matu Chin. APPLY FOR ADMISSION >

Arts are integral to teaching and learning at GVP providing students with ongoing experiences that give them tools to express themselves and learn that creative pursuits are a part of innovative thinking. Music, performing, and visual arts act as a means for students to display their strengths, knowledge and identities. Now, with a recent grant from a generous partner, GVP will substantially enhance its STEAM offering over the next two years.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) is an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to 21st century teaching and learning that emphasizes creativity, communication, and collaboration.


Students served by Global Village Project since 2009

When a student arrives at GVP:

  • she is 13 years old (on average)
  • she speaks 2–3 languages
  • she comes from 1 of 12 African or Asian countries
  • she has missed an average of 3 years of school (and up to 6)
  • she has been in the US for less than 3 years

Hope to see you at our 10-Year Reunion!

We're hosting a reunion weekend in June, and we want our whole community to come out.

We can't wait to see you on June 8th as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary school year with a reunion and picnic! We look forward to sharing food and fun and showcasing stories and voices from our community with singing, instrumental music, storytelling, poetry sharing, speaking, and more! Please help us get an accurate headcount by RSVPing at the link below.

Other big events that weekend...

On June 9th we will launch an Alumnae Advisory Council! If you're a GVP alumna who is 18+ or a rising high school senior, please join us on Sunday, June 9th from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm to participate in the formation of our new Alumnae Advisory Council (AAC). The AAC retreat for all interested GVP alumnae will take place the day after the picnic and will be followed by a dinner. Please consider joining us for these very special events and spread the word!

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Thanks to our awesome volunteer Adrianne Poulard for donating toiletry bags and our new friend Ellen Bender for sponsoring lunch yesterday. Adrianne volunteers weekly for our Literacy Workshop class. Ellen stopped by to eat lunch with students and tour the school. We appreciate the support! #GVPdonations #LunchFoodProviders #SupportGVP #GlobalVillageProject #LastWeekOfSchool ... See MoreSee Less

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For the second year in a row, Carol Kobayashi and family gifted books to all GVP students. Yesterday Carol, her husband, Tim Downs, and her brother and sister-in-law, Dick and Susan Kobayashi, delivered about 50 books that teachers and students selected. Each girl received a book for their home library. This special delivery was just in time for the girls to kick-off their summer reading. Thanks to Carol Kobayashi and her family for donating the books in memory of your mother Alice Marill Kobayashi. Read about their mother’s story at from the Angel Island Immigrant Story archives:

and her parents’ story:

If you would like to purchase needed items for GVP, you can always check our Amazon Wishlist. Go to www.amazon.com, click “lists” and search for Global Village Project. You can also make GVP a beneficiary of your eligible purchases on Amazon Smile. #SupportGVP #BookDonation #AmazonWishlist #AmazonSmile #GVPguests #WeLoveToRead #GlobalVillageProject #LastWeekOfSchool @carol.kobayashi
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We can't wait to see you on June 8th as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary school year with a reunion and picnic! Join us for our 10th Anniversary Reunion & Picnic!

When: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturday, June 8, 2019
Who: ALL GVP community members are invited to this free event! School founders and all current and past students, staff, families, volunteers, board members, donors, mentors, and partners...
Where: Global Village Project's school at Decatur Presbyterian Church (205 Sycamore St, Decatur, GA 30030)

We look forward to sharing food and fun and showcasing stories and voices from our community with singing, instrumental music, storytelling, poetry sharing, speaking, and more! Please help us get an accurate head count by RSVPing at ow.ly/P4yz50ulHyK. #GlobalVillageProject #AnniversaryReunion #Picnic #Refugees #GirlsEducation #Education #Nonprofit #Decatur #Clarkston #RegisterTODAY #LinkInBio
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A Song inspired by Sushma Barakoti
by Global Village Project – Form 3, Spring 2019

I’ve always been interested in
many different things
I’ve wanted to be a doctor and a farmer
And work in agriculture
My favorite color is yellow
My superpower is invisibility!

My name is Sushma Barakoti.
I am from Nepal.
My mom and dad grew up in Burma
But they are from Nepal.

You ask how I met my husband
We worked together at United Nations
We moved to the US
but we didn’t get married
I wanted to study and work for a while.
We got married when I was 32
I married when I wanted to!

When I arrived in the USA
I had no full time job
I wanted to contribute to women in Nepal
So I brought arts and crafts from Nepal to sell

When I was getting my Masters, I thought in Nepali,
When I did my homework, I translated to English
I was always so tired...
My husband said “You have to think in English!”
Now I can think in English and Nepali

I’m Director at the Refugee Women’s Network,
We help with health and hygiene,
Education and finances,
We encourage women to come out of the house,
To talk and socialize and learn from each other
We can help your moms and sisters find jobs

My daughter Amaya is 13 years old
She loves violin
And drama and gym --- nastics
My son’s name Atulia means “”incomparable” --- and “unique”
He loves violin and soccer, and he loves to argue
I told him he should be a lawyer

My favorite law is the VAW
That’s the Violence Against Women Act
It protects women in so many different ways.
Domestic violence is now a crime

If I could change anything in Georgia
I would change the healthcare system.
We need to expand Medicare
And make health care for everyone
Yes, make health care for everyone!
#WomensWisdom #GlobalVillageProject #MotivationalMonday
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A Song inspired by Bhima Thapa-Magar
by Global Village Project – Form 2, Spring 2019

I was born in Bhutan, but when I was 2
My family had to leave to go to Nepal
For 17 years we were in refugee camp
We never saw electric light
We had bamboo roof and bamboo walls
1 toilet for 2 families
Through the walls we could hear our neighbors talking
We had lots of friends and lots of fun
And we always helped each other

Our family had no TV
But our friend’s family had one
My sister and I wanted to watch a movie.
When we finished our homework, we left on the run xxxx
We sneaked home, but there was our mother
She was waiting for us
From that day on we never watched TV!
‘Cause we got this xxxx Aieee!

I have 2 brothers, and 2 sisters
2 up, 2 down, I’m the middle one
I have my family here, I have their whole support
Whatever happens, I know I can talk with them
In college I didn’t know what to do
I decided to become a nurse
After 3 years I stopped and said,
“Maybe this is not for me.”
I asked myself: What am I good at?
In the future, what will I be?”
For a while I was lost, I didn’t know what to do
Til a friend told me about Just Bakery Just Bakery of Atlanta

I’m the first in my family to go to school
I’m the first baker in my culture
I’m very creative, and I studied hard
And now I am the Head Baker!
I’m not tired because I love my job
I don’t feel like I’m working when I bake
I love to watch inside the oven
I love the results we make

Many kinds of Bread is what we bake
Focaccia, Multi-grain, and Sourdough
All kinds of Cookies, Muffins, and Cake
Bars, Biscotti, and Cinnamon Rolls
Right now my favorites are Butter Scones

I dance Freestyle, Indian, Nepali, and Hip hop
I play soccer and ping pong, and I like to hike
I love doing henna art
And of course I love to bake!

Everything is important to me
Whatever I do, Whoever I meet
I don’t like people putting other people down
If I don’t agree with someone, we’re going to sit down
We’re going to talk together and work it out
Speaking up is important, that’s what I’m all about
#WomensWisdom #GlobalVillageProject #MotivationalMonday
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A Song inspired by Ms. MIcheline Musa Salama
by Global Village Project – Form 1, Spring 2019

I used to be a girl just like you.
I was born in Congo.
My dad is from the eastern part.
My mom is from Rwanda.

At home we speak
English and French,
And so our children won’t forget
We also speak my husband’s language, Kinyarwanda

When I call my mom, we speak Swahili
With my best friend, we speak Lingala
With my brother, we speak French (Nous parlons français)
I use all of my languages every day.

It’s not easy understanding American culture.
Words get used in different ways.
People need to communicate
And sometimes they need help

A translator is like a bridge
Between newcomers and American culture.
I help both sides understand each other.
Human beings, we all need help.

I am the mother of 2 beautiful girls
The little one is good in French,
The older one, she loves her father’s language

When my kids don’t need me anymore,
I want to go to school and study again.
I want to be a Community Organizer
For families and kids with Special Needs

Here’s how to be successful:
First you have to think about where you want to go
Then you have to plan how to get there
Then you have to walk and work toward your goal
Take it one step at a time

There will be bumps and problems on the way
And your goal won’t come and find you
You have to work hard to get to your goal
But don’t let anything stop you ! #WomensWisdom #GlobalVillageProject #MotivationalMonday
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This past Saturday at GVP's Graduation, our students completed the Women's Wisdom Project 2019. During the semester, the girls from each Form interviewed three women from the refugee community to gain wisdom from the women's experiences and words. The students took notes, collectively wrote a song, and surprised each interviewee/honoree with a special song inspired by their stories. Thanks again to our outstanding Women's Wisdom subjects: Sushma Barakoti (Executive Director of Refugee Women’s Network), Bhima Thapa-Magar (Head Baker at Just Bakery), and Micheline Musa Salama (Translator/Interpreter). Elevating immigrants and refugees in their community and speaking multiple languages traits that all three women share. Listen to clips that follow from the girls' songs to learn more about them! #WomensWisdom #InspiringWomen #MotivationalMonday @ Global Village Project ... See MoreSee Less

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Today 14 of our Form 3 students were recognized for their completion of GVP's academic program, along with three other students that will be leaving us this year. The graduation included song dedications to our Women's Wisdom project interviewees, presentations to our graduates and all transitioning students, and light refreshments. Thanks to the family and friends of GVP for coming to celebrate our girls. Welcome to the GVP alumnae village, ladies... you all are a part of GVP forever! We love you! #GlobalVillageProject #Graduation #OnwardAndUpwards #Refugees #GirlsEducation #WeDreamAworld #EducateGirlsChangeTheWorld #OneGirlAtaTime ... See MoreSee Less

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Neema Namadu, Founder and Executive Director of Hero Women Rising & Synergy of Congolese Women's Associations, visited GVP today during in house lunch. Neema shared some of her life story and her life work and allowed the girls to ask her questions.

Neema is world-renowned visionary and game changer. Crippled from polio, she is the first woman with disability from her ethnic group to earn a university degree, going on to serve in Parliament for South Kivu province, and then as Chief Advisor to DRC’s Minister of Gender and Family. Upon leaving government service, Neema founded an NGO to support disabled female-victims of violence in East Congo.

In 2012, Neema founded Synergy of Congolese Women’s Associations (SAFECO), a forum to foster collaboration among women-led NGOs to work their Peace, Rights, and Development agenda.Women Thrive Worldwide named her as 1 of 14 Fierce Women’s Rights Advocates To Watch In 2014. Thanks to Neema for visiting GVP and sharing her story and wisdom with our students. #NeemaNamadu #GVPguests #GlobalVillageProject #GirlPower #Empowerment #HappyWeekend
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Best-selling New York Times-reviewed author Alvin Townley has been a guest reader at GVP over the past nine months. Every third Thursday of each month, “Mr. Suzanne” would come read aloud to students in our Guided Reading sessions. He was given the nickname by students in honor of his wife and our former Social Studies Teacher, Suzanne Townley. We love having the Townleys close by and we appreciate Alvin for taking time each month to read for GVP girls. We hope you’ll return as a guest reader and we’ll also see you in the fall at the The Woodruff Arts Center High Museum of Art, Atlanta #ThankYou #GVPguestreader #WeLoveToRead #GuestReader #AlvinTownley @ Global Village Project ... See MoreSee Less

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