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Mentors play a key role in the community of support that our alumnae need as they leave GVP and move towards high school graduation, college,

Become A Mentor with The Global Village Project

Becoming a mentor is an incredible act of service, but it is also an important responsibility. As such, the process to become a GVP mentor is one that requires several months of intentional engagement with our students and careful consideration. Our goal for the mentor program is to set our alumnae up for success by matching them with female role models who can support them academically after GVP, but also help them to navigate the educational and social pathways to high school and beyond.


  • Must be a woman and 21 years or older
  • Committed to spending time with a mentee at least twice each month
  • Willing to engage and empower mentees’ families
  • Able to listen and to accept different points of view, showing patience, flexibility, and openness.
  • Be empathetic and culturally competent
  • Respectful of individuals and their abilities and right to make choices in life
  • Experience with refugee communities or diverse populations is desirable


  • Fulfill a 1-year minimum commitment
  • Meet with your mentee a minimum of 2 times per month
  • Assist students and their families with the technical aspects of achieving their educational goals, including assisting with school or college enrollment and obtaining necessary documentation
  • Track your mentee’s academic progress
  • Participate in mentor meetings and required training
  • Provide data for program evaluation, as instructed
Become A Mentor with The Global Village Project

"Meh Sod has made it a joy to be a mentor. She's like family at this point. In the beginning, I was the one who had so much to learn - how high school worked, how to get the things you need from counselors, and how to get through the college application process. But the amount of support we get from the GVP mentor program under Michelle Kuperman's leadership is amazing. We always had opportunities as a group to go to concerts, plays, or poetry readings. That allowed us to build our relationship and it gave us things to talk about and learn together. I've also enjoyed the support I have received from the other mentors. We all mentor and support one another."

- Mary Lou McCloskey, GVP Mentor

How to

Become a


Step 1:

Complete a Mentor Application

 Mentor Application »

Step 2:

Interview with our Mentor Coordinator

Step 3:

Sign up to Volunteer & Engage with Students

All interested mentors must volunteer at GVP and/or have regular contact with students for 2-3 months prior before they will be considered as potential mentors.

Learn more about volunteering »

Step 4:

Matching Process

Mentor-mentee matching is a mutual process of getting to know each other and connecting organically. This is a large part of why volunteering for a few months before becoming a mentor is so important!

Become A Mentor with The Global Village Project