Why support GVP?

There are many organizations doing important work to alleviate the worsening situation for refugees around the world. But in 2009, the founders of Global Village Project recognized a gap in services, and it is the reason we are here today: Many newly arriving refugee young women cannot access age-appropriate education here in the US. They are years behind other middle and high schoolers, but at the same time too old to be placed in lower grade classes. Your support allows GVP to dive deep into building the one-of-a-kind program that these unique students need.

In GVP's 9 years as a school, we have enrolled over 200 refugee young women. Consider the ripple effects of these lives and the power of education to change their direction. We celebrated our first two college graduates in 2018, and many more alumnae are following close behind. Your gift helps change the future: for the students we continue to enroll each year, for their families, and for the communities that these young women impact as they go on pursue their dreams. 


Are you ready to support refugee young women as they pursue their educational dreams? DONATE NOW >


There are many ways that you can give the gift of education to Global Village Project's students.


Monthly or quarterly recurring donors support our school year-round, building a foundation for the holistic support that we give our students during the 9-month school year and beyond it. READ MORE >


Cornerstone Society is a group of individuals prepared to invest even more deeply in our students and school. Members commit to donating a minimum of $5,000 per year for three years, mirroring a student’s journey through her schooling at GVP. READ MORE >


Did you know you can redirect some of your state taxes into scholarships? You can cover students’ daily tuition, transportation, and lunch with money that would otherwise be paid as taxes. LEARN MORE >


If you have an item or service you’d like to donate in-kind to GVP, please review our in-kind donation guidelines and wishlist. READ MORE >

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