GVP Volunteers provide critical support that our students need to

Global Village Project welcomes more than 100 volunteers into our school every week. Since our inception in 2009, volunteers have played a critical role in supporting GVP, expanding the school’s capacity to make an impact on refugee girls' education. 

Our volunteer positions offer the opportunity to build relationships with refugee young women, mentor them academically, and help with their personal successes and challenges.  Most volunteer roles primarily occur between August-May on weekdays. Volunteers are generally required to commit to at least one day each week for a full 50-minute session. Explore the many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of our students.

“I remember standing in the corner, hearing the girls sing ‘This Land is Your Land,’ and I just wept. I thought to myself: I’m a fortunate person with a comfortable life. This is my calling and this is where I need to be.”

- Pia Ahmad, Former Volunteer & Board Chair



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Study Hall Tutors provide one on one instruction or in small groups and mentor students academically; helping with homework and general skills, and with their personal successes and challenges.




GVP Volunteers | Volunteer With Global Village Project

Volunteers assist GVP librarians by categorizing and labeling books, helping students check-out/check-in books, and performing other library-related tasks. This position provides an understanding of the school and library operations.


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