Celebrating 2023 Graduates

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Students Learn About Entreprenuership

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Students Find their Voices

Global Village Project reactivates the schooling of refugee girls so they can access all the benefits of



Displacement and conflict across the globe dramatically reduce opportunities for girls to go to school. Worldwide, there are 130 million girls out of school.

Strengths Based Approach Steam Education For Refugee Girls | GVP

When a student arrives at GVP, she:

  • is between 11 and 16 years old.

  • comes from one of 19 different countries and speaks one or more of 26+ languages.

  • reads at a pre-K to kindergarten level in English.

the journey of a

GVP Girl

English Language and Literacy

GVP’s intensive English literacy program and strengths-based approach help refugee learners gain the language skills necessary for high school and beyond. Every year a student is at GVP, she gains 2 grade levels in reading on average.

Social and Emotional Learning and Wellness

We believe that a student’s sense of safety, belonging, and agency is the strongest foundation upon which to build her educational journey. Every student at GVP participates in 27 weekly counseling classes every year.

STEAM Education

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) Education trains students to be creative and collaborative 21st century thinkers. Students participate in 15 experiential learning trips and share their voices in 4 Authors’ Teas every year.

Mentoring and Alumnae Engagement

GVP’s support for students continues long after graduation through our robust mentoring and alumnae engagement program. Over 90% of alumnae who completed our program and were matched with a mentor have continued their formal education.

our transformational


"One important thing I have learned at GVP is we all can be leaders, and I have learned to never stop dreaming."

- Ayat, GVP Alum

Worldwide, only


of refugees access secondary education
and only


of refugees enroll in college or university
More than


of GVP alumni access secondary education
and another


are enrolled in or have graduated from college or university.


and events

Students Learn about Entrepreneurship
Students Learn about Entrepreneurship
Marketplace Authors' Tea | May 5, 2023
Form Three Graduates: Celebrating GVP’s Class of 2023
Form Three Graduates: Celebrating GVP’s Class of 2023
Heels clanked on the hardwood floor. Little siblings skipped to their seats. Parents held bouquets of daffodils and tulips. Saffron...
Students Find Their Voices
Students Find Their Voices
On Friday, May 12, our school community gathered to watch "GVP Performs: World Tales", a live stage play written by...