Our Approach


Our intensive program and caring community

provide teenage refugee girls with a strong foundation to complete high school and pursue college and careers in their new home. Our educational approach incorporates a three-year, flexible system that allows us to individualize learning to student's specific needs. After more than a decade of working with refugee girls, we’ve learned that English language learners with limited or interrupted education require:

An interdisciplinary and integrated approach emphasizing creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration

For students like ours, who have experienced loss and displacement, interrupted or limited education, and who are learning everything in a new language, arts-based and project-based education offers a “no wrong answer” way of approaching science, math, technology, social studies, and other subjects.

Teachers who are both English language and subject matter experts and are also capable of and committed to teaching students with trauma backgrounds

Our faculty have designed a specialized curriculum that connects learning to students’ lives through hands-on learning experiences, technology and digital learning, and texts that are appropriate and accessible for our students’ reading levels.

A safe and supportive learning environment rich with caring adults, arts, and a constant exposure to ideas and opportunities that expand students’ imaginations and opportunities

We maintain small classes (8:1 ratio), employ highly qualified teachers, and train volunteers to support learners and teachers. More than 120 volunteers work in the classrooms each week to help provide the individualized support that our students need.

Explore the four pillars of GVP’s holistic and accelerated academic program:


Our integrated curriculum means that students receive vital English language and literacy instruction during all of their classes, including math, science, music, and social studies. READ MORE>


STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) is an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to 21st century teaching and learning that emphasizes creativity, communication, and collaboration. READ MORE>


We believe social learning is as important as academic learning, and aim to provide a holistic education that allows for the social, emotional, intellectual, creative, and physical growth of our students. READ MORE>


With the help of dedicated volunteer mentors, GVP extends the intensive support found in the 3-year academic program to students as they graduate from our program. READ MORE>