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Join Global Village Project’s monthly giving program and become a Sustaining Member - for refugee learners.

Become A Sustainer | Sustaining Member | Global Village Project

Becoming a Sustaining Member is a meaningful way to take a stand for a future in which refugee girls who have recently arrived in the U.S. have access to the education they need to pursue their dreams. Members understand that the mission GVP was built on over ten years ago is a long-term commitment to removing barriers, advancing equity, and advocating for change. Sustainers believe in making a lasting impact: they stand with our students as they work 12 months a year to overcome obstacles, and they support the progress that is made at GVP by giving 12 months a year, too.

Recurring gifts, set up like a subscription payment from your bank account (preferred) or credit card, allow GVP to further invest in the holistic support for our students year-round.

To give you an idea of the impact a monthly recurring gift can have on one girl’s year, here are some examples:

$30 / month

six weeks of summer learning

$50 / month

one year of general music and introductory instrument classes

$100 / month

a healthy lunch every school day

$250 / month

one school year with specialized guest educators & learning resources

$500 / month

holistic support for social & emotional needs and health & wellness

Become A Sustainer | Sustaining Member | Global Village Project
Become A Sustainer | Sustaining Member | Global Village Project

When you partner with us as a Sustaining Member, you will...

  • be recognized on our website and in our annual report (according to your preferences);
  • receive a gift of GVP-branded swag to show your support and spread the word about our work
  • be invited with a plus one to an annual Sustainers Coffee Hour with our Head of School
  • enjoy Sustainer Event Perks like a complimentary raffle pack at our annual gala
  • know that you are helping to change the lives & futures of incredible young women

Thank you to our generous Sustaining Members!

Chowning Aguilera
John and Debbie Benson
Kris Birkness
Mr. Jerry Brillante
Dr. Tom and Renee Brillante
Connie Bryans
Charlotte and John Byrum
Mai and Fred Cavalli
Marjorie Cooper
Ann Cowperthwaite
Elaine Crowell
Ruth Dearden
Julia Emmons
Carolyn Federhofer
Paula Forney
Elizabeth Foster
Mr. Neil Garvin
Krista and Thaddeus Gilliam
Vicki and Ernie Ginter
Annie Godfrey and Jack Kittle
Lynn Goldowski

Irina and Michael Goodman
Susan and David Gordon
Steve Heckler and Johanna Chapin
Nancy Hostetter
Gautam and Katherine Huded
Clifford Johnson
Michelle Joiner
Anita Kamenz
Trish Kennedy
Janet Kotler
Brenda and Jim Laughlin
Mary Wyche Lesesne and Dr. Arthur Lesesne
Amy Lettes
Rebecca Levy
Julia and Adam Levy
Robbin and David Marcus
Mariana McCready
Alan and Jane McNabb
Sylvia and Filippo Moneti
Marguerite Moreton
Sam Muppalla and Meera Sripathy

Gayle Nelson and Tom Schmid
Jill Parks
Richard Patterson
Alex and Tom Pearson
Charlotte and Pete Pfeiffer
Han Pham and William Ratcliff
Vicki Powers
Constance Rose
Susan Rose
Gagan Sahni
Sam Schenkman-Moore
Harriet Segars
Ramak Shahidi
Suzanne Shull
Miles Smith
Anousith Tozzi
Paul Varian
Emily Vorderbruegge
Lauren Wallace

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