GVP Ensemble Sings with Little Amal

Little Amal in Toronto

by Staff | November 30, 2023

IMG 7053

Global Village Project students had 2 exciting opportunities to meet and greet Little Amal, the 12-foot puppet representing a 10-year old Syrian refugee girl. Little Amal is traveling around the world, and currently across the US, to bring attention to the huge numbers of children fleeing war, violence and persecution, each with their own story.

On Sunday Oct. 8, 2023, all 17 members of the GVP Ensemble joined with the Alliance Theater Teen Ensemble, Coretta and Martin Luther King Jr’s granddaughter Yolanda Renee King and a huge crowd which included many GVP staff, volunteers, and alums, to welcome Little Amal to Atlanta. GVP students circled around the giant puppet, singing “I See You With My Heart,” a welcome in the 9 languages spoken at GVP.

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Then on Tuesday Oct. 10, 2023, GVP Form 3 joined Conundrums drum and dance ensemble to welcome Little Amal to Decatur. At one poignant moment, Little Amal spotted our students. She came over and leaned down to personally greet them, as if she recognized them from her own experience.

After a hiatus during the pandemic, the Ensemble, known to the world as the GVP Chorus, is making a big comeback, with several concerts and collaborations coming up. Especially exciting will be their participation on the evening of Sat. Feb. 24, 2024, celebrating GVP’s 15th Anniversary, with the release of “Imagine A Circle: the GVP Songbook,” featuring over 50 songs written by, with, and for GVP students! Mark your calendars!