Restoring Hope, Making Home

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My story is the story of many refugees around the world. I never chose to flee my country. I had a dream, but I could not fulfill it. Many refugees have been in the same situation. Families have been obliged to flee and to leave everything behind without knowing where they are going. Families don’t…

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Form Three Graduates: Celebrating GVP’s Class of 2023

Graduation 2023 2

Heels clanked on the hardwood floor. Little siblings skipped to their seats. Parents held bouquets of daffodils and tulips. Saffron rice, salad, desserts, and more were gently placed on long, rectangle tables. As guests made their entrances, there were smiles and excited eyes to witness an important milestone for GVP girls. Our school hosted the…

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Students Find Their Voices

PFG 2023 3 1

On Friday, May 12, our school community gathered to watch “GVP Performs: World Tales”, a live stage play written by students through the Playmaking for Girls program. Behind the Scenes On the Stage GVP is grateful to Georgia Council for the Arts for their generous support of our STEAM programming.

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Form Three Students Prepare for High School Algebra

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Did you know that the recommended slope of a wheelchair ramp is 1/12?  Ask any Form Three student, and she will tell you this means! If a ramp rises one foot from the lowest to the highest point, the length it covers should be at least 12 feet. Slope has been a part of their…

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Students Take a Field Trip to Wahsega

Wahsega Trip 2023 2

Each year, GVP students and staff take an overnight trip to either the beach or mountains to learn about ecology and grow as a community. This year, 32 students trekked to the Wahsega 4-H center in Dahlonega, Georgia. Amidst the rain and mud, they took classes on reptiles and amphibians, insects, and benthic stream invertebrates.…

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Learning Blossoms in Spring

school store april 2023 27

A poetic description of a typical GVP school day It is April: a season of cool mornings, warm afternoons, and a sudden expansion of life. This spring, we embrace a season of growth and new possibilities. It is morning: Sitting in a circle, among students and staff, we all close our eyes and center ourselves.…

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Alum Returns as Teaching Assistant

Ehsoe 1

“I still feel that when I first started my job here, I was like, ‘wow, I’m back in that room when I started my life. This is the very first step here. And it brings back so much memory, so much emotion too,” said Ehsoe. That feeling of things being different is what Ehsoe Moo,…

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Alumni Come Back to School

tirhas 2 1

Three GVP alumni visited the school this month to record videos for the upcoming Tribute to Education Gala, which takes place on April 23. The alumni: Rita Sui Par, Khatera (Khaty) Bharati, Sufia Salim and Tirhas Tewolde talked about their lives before, at and beyond GVP. They told stories of their educational journeys from their…

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