GVP Learning Gallery Showcase


by Staff | April 29, 2024

This March, GVP students and teachers diverged from our traditional Authors’ Tea programming, and piloted a new model we called a Learning Gallery. While we always include and celebrate student work and input in Authors’ Tea programming, the Learning Gallery model put even more emphasis on student choice.

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In the days leading to the event, our hallways were buzzing with anticipation. Colorful posters lined the classrooms as students cut and glued their favorite learnings to a board. Decorations, pictures, and personal touches were added. Once the board was complete, students’ nerves peeked out, as they practiced what they would say. Teachers assuaged these concerns by reminding our girls that they are loved by their audience—and after the first presentation, it always gets easier!

For this special event, students were asked to pick three things they learned this year that they were most proud of, and teach it to the audience. The students were excited to show final projects for ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Reading. Elective classes were highlighted as well, with art displays, running reflections, and piano performances.

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Form 1 projects included reading a personal narrative about their happy place, explaining a math game, describing landforms in foreign countries that they made from clay, or reading an informative article on different types of soil. Form 2 highlighted paragraphs from their writing journal, mathematical recipes, favorite books they’ve read, and models of Egyptian pyramids. Form 3 showed off their algebraic equations, presentations on planets and human rights defenders and more. This event was an opportunity to see the progression of work through our three forms, as well as highlight the connections between subject areas.

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GVP teacher Ms. Anne said about the event, “I loved watching the students get curious about each other’s work and present to each other. As a reading teacher, I am so immersed in the day-to-day incremental steps from one skill to another. It’s refreshing to see the incredible big picture progression in literacy skills from Form 1 to Form 3.”

This event was a unique chance to experience the classroom through the students’ eyes. Parents and families proudly watched their students perform, reading and explaining their favorite projects. For our students, it was a moment of personal pride, a self confidence boost, and a chance to show their strengths. GVP volunteers, board members, mentors, and staff shared conversations as they milled about, getting to know students and each other. The halls brimmed with curiosity and connection.

We appreciate our community members for being eager to try a new format and flow. It was truly a special occasion. Next year, we hope to bring back the learning gallery bigger and better!

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