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As the only school in the country specialized for refugee girls' education, Global Village Project is a model for schools and organizations around the world who teach students not adequately served by traditional educational systems. The thinking and innovation that have driven the development of GVP's unique educational model rest on a foundation that comes from the heart - a commitment to true educational equity and a belief that all students are humans first. Hear the latest from GVP's Head of School, Dr. Amy Pelissero, about the ideas that make Global Village Project a thought leader in the field of education.

Thank You, Teachers

I’ve been thinking a lot about learning today. I happen to be a person who loves learning new things. I always loved school—no doubt why I find myself leading one—and my teachers (or at least most of them). Even after finishing my Ph.D., I find myself often thinking about all ...
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Shine On

Yesterday and the day before were rainy and bleak around Atlanta. Somehow the darkness of the days made the stress of isolation and social distancing harder for me, and I imagine for others. With the rising cases of COVID-19, continued closures, and stay-at-home orders for the City of Atlanta and ...
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A Time to Dream: Welcome to Dr. Amy’s Blog

For at least four years now, I have thought about starting a Head of School blog. When we updated our website last year, I thought I might finally get around to making it happen. Now, as we face new times and uncharted territories, it feels imperative to write, to document, ...
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