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Students Stand Up, Speak Out Through Rights Unit

This semester, our integrated unit of study is “Rights.” In this unit, all of our core subject areas explore questions like “What are our rights?” and “How can we be...
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Maker-Centered Learning Prepares Students for 21st Century Challenges

How would your education have looked different if you were encouraged to take risks and learn from your mistakes? If instead of worksheets and tests, you were given a problem...
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Restore Our Earth: The Shared Histories and Futures of Mass Displacement, Climate Change, and Gender Inequity

With the passage of Earth Day this month, I have been thinking and reflecting on the inseparable links between forced migration, climate change, and gender equity, particularly with respect to...
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“My Community,” A Reflection by Alumna Meh Sod Paw

After graduating from college in 2020, taking a transitional year has helped me reflect on all dimensions of my life. Ruminating has helped me realize the importance of not forgetting...
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“Why I Serve”: Han Pham, Vice Chair of GVP’s Board, Shares Her Story

The story of why I serve on the board of Global Village Project begins with my mother.  My mother and father were just 18 years old when Saigon fell in...

Exploring DEI with GVP’s Board

For the past two years, Global Village Project has been on a journey to incorporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) into our organizational DNA. This season, we began an exciting...

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Dear Decaturish – To welcome refugees, we need inclusive education

Decaturish | 6/24/21

Like many students across the country, Lucia, a middle school student in Decatur, spent the past school year online. She worked with her classmates to solve the math problems projected across her screen. 

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Lily Tova the therapy dog comforts refugee girls in Decatur

AJC | 12/1/19

Lily Tova barked excitedly and shook her gray pom-pom-like tail when she arrived for her most recent visit at the Global Village Project, a middle school for refugee girls in Decatur.

What's New At GVP | GVP Updates & News | Global Village Project

What one group of refugee girls is thankful for this Thanksgiving

CNN | 11/27/19

Along a short hallway on the upper floor of Decatur Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, a blue banner stretches across the wall, packed with scrawled messages of thanks and words swelling with appreciation.

Education For Refugee Girls & Women | Our Challenge | GVP

One Girl At A Time

A PLUS | 10/18/19

Global Village Project is the only school in the United States designed to meet unique needs of refugee girls with interrupted education.

Strengths Based Approach Steam Education For Refugee Girls | GVP