How GVP is Supporting our Extended Community During COVID-19: FAQs

Updated February 19th, 2021


Our Commitment to Students and Families

Our Commitment to Our Community of Support

Our Commitment to Our Volunteer Family



Are students continuing their education? How?
As of Tuesday, March 17th, 2020, Global Village Project has transitioned to a remote learning model in order to reduce the risk of further spread of COVID-19. Like many other schools across the country, GVP had to pivot quickly and responsively to ensure that school closure does not pose a barrier to the continued education of our students. At a time when so many are experiencing interrupted schooling, we are fortunate that developing innovative strategies to address interrupted education has always been the hallmark of GVP’s work.

Our staff is working hard to maintain a robust learning model for GVP students during this time. We have taken the following critical steps to support the continued education of our students:

  • Distributed the following to each family: iPads equipped with all necessary software for remote learning, homework packets, new earbuds with microphones, iPad cases, chargers, and keyboards
  • Trained students on how to use technology for online learning and communication with teachers
  • Developed a robust online learning model that includes live, synchronous instruction with teachers every day
  • Established daily office hours for teachers so they are readily accessible to students
  • Prioritized ongoing social and emotional learning and support during this time by ensuring our school counselor is readily accessible to all students, facilitating activities related to the development of positive coping mechanisms, and offering remote group counseling sessions and fitness sessions

Through our remote learning model, we remain deeply committed to providing the same level of specialized, holistic, and strengths-based education that characterizes our on-site operations and reflects our mission and values.

How are teachers communicating with students?
GVP teachers are maintaining open lines of communication with our students through multiple channels, including Google Hangouts, Zoom, Whatsapp, and the Jupiter Ed learning management system. During this time, our school counselor is also checking in with students on an ongoing basis through these remote channels, and GVP students are using them as a means to stay connected with and offer support to one another as well. 

How is GVP supporting the families of GVP students?
The students and families served by GVP are part of a vulnerable community that has been hard hit by the pandemic, and our commitment to them extends beyond the academic. In addition to the measures we have taken to support GVP students’ remote learning, we have taken the following additional steps to support students’ families during these difficult circumstances:

  • Distributed thermometers to students and provided instructions for flu prevention and thermometer use
  • Provided information about all available clinics and health services in Clarkston
  • Delivered food to students' families in Clarkston on a biweekly weekly basis
  • Provided families with can openers for donated shelf-stable foods
  • Provided families additional information about where free meals can be picked up within walking distance from their homes 
  • Called all families, with the assistance of translators where necessary, on a weekly to provide updates, answer questions, and check in about additional needs.
  • Assisted with students’ and families’  internet access needs by providing internet hotspot cards and connections to free internet services as needed

Do students and families have access to the food and basic resources they’ll need during this crisis?
Many of the families we serve are at risk of experiencing food insecurity and struggling to access basic resources during this crisis. At Global Village Project, we are doing our best to provide resources where we are able, including distributing thermometers and making weekly food deliveries. We are also committed to connecting families with other agencies who can provide additional resources where appropriate, and our dedicated School Support Specialist is actively and regularly checking in with families during this period to facilitate these connections. If you would like to help support our families, we are deeply grateful for your generosity. The best way to help while also limiting social interactions during COVID-19 is to make a financial contribution to GVP, which will allow us to continue to assist them during these difficult circumstances.

When will on-site school operations resume?
On-site school operations will resume pending the resolution of public health concerns. We are closely monitoring the latest updates from public health officials and guidelines from state and local schools.


How will the transition to remote learning affect GVP’s partnerships?
GVP is deeply grateful for each one of its partners, and we continue to depend on them now and seek to maintain them for the future. We will be reaching out to each of our partners individually to discuss options for continuing engagement via our online learning model or through other alternatives. As we navigate these new days, we look forward to continuing our collaborations in new ways.

How do I stay up-to-date during this time?
We are working hard to ensure we remain communicative and accessible to our dedicated community of support during this time. For key updates about what’s happening at GVP and how you can help, sign up for our mailing list here. If you would like to contact a staff member at GVP, visit our staff directory. Finally, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

How can I help support Global Village Project with critical needs right now?
Our continued ability to serve our students is vitally dependent on GVP's community of support during this time. Because of the impact of the pandemic on GVP students’ families, we are extending our reach to meet additional needs that have arisen during these difficult circumstances. If you are able, the best way you can support the students during this time is by making a financial contribution to GVP. No matter what amount you are able to give, we are deeply grateful for your support.

Can I donate food, clothes, books, items, etc?
At this time, we are working hard to meet the needs of students and families while limiting social interactions to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Our school is currently closed, and we are unable to receive donations of food, clothes, books, and other items. We thank you for your generosity and understanding, and invite you to consider making a financial contribution instead.

It’s difficult for me to donate right now, but I want to support GVP. How can I help?
This is a critical time for the broader community to come together in support of the most vulnerable among us, including the refugee young women at GVP and their families. In this moment, we need ambassadors like you: please consider reaching out to people you know to help us ask for donations, writing a post on social media about why GVP is important to you, or sharing one of our posts with your personal network. 

We also invite you to consider two options for donating to Global Village Project that come at no extra cost to you. The first is making a pledge through the GA Tax Credit Program, which allows you to redirect some of your GA state taxes to Global Village Project. This program allows you to make a contribution to the Apogee Scholarship Fund for GVP, then in the following tax year, receive a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit for the donation. In addition, shopping at AmazonSmile for any Amazon purchases you are making allows you to direct 0.5% of the purchase price to GVP when you select Global Village Project as the charitable organization of your choice. 


How can I continue to support the students, whether it is donation of supplies, time or resources?
We are so grateful for the continued generosity and commitment of our powerful GVP volunteer corps. While we are unable to receive donations of supplies at this time due to the closure of our physical school, we are deeply grateful to any volunteers who would like to support our students by donating their time or money! If you’re self-isolating at home, consider using the time you would otherwise spend volunteering at GVP to help us get the word out about GVP’s need for support during this period. Sharing our posts on social media, inviting 3 or your friends to give to GVP, or posting your GVP story on social media are all examples of ways you can act as an ambassador for GVP. Helping in this capacity makes a huge difference as we work to secure the funding needed to continue to provide services to our students and families. To make a financial contribution yourself, visit our donation platform here.

How do I stay connected during this time?
If you are an active volunteer at GVP, please make sure you are signed up for our mailing list and subscribed to receiving the Volunteer Monthly, our monthly newsletter containing updates and the upcoming schedule at GVP. We will continue to send out the Volunteer Weekly every Friday for volunteer-specific communications about how you can help at GVP throughout this period. For other important updates and announcements, please check your inboxes for periodic email updates from us and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you have a question that's not answered here, email us, we'll be get back to you shortly!

How do I contact the students I’ve been working with in the classroom?
To protect the privacy of students and their families, we are not able to release GVP students’ contact information to individuals outside of the teaching staff. We are currently exploring innovative ways for our committed volunteer corps to remain engaged with our students remotely, and we will be in touch about ways to do so via email.