"The Making of a Necklance"


I put a family on my necklace because it important to me. My family is important to me because my family is there for me. My family is my life because they always make me happen when I am sad.


I put a great spirit on my necklace because God is my life. My God is always there for me when I need help. He come to save us from the sin. When I am God is always with me but I can't see Him. I am thankful that God make us and he is with us.


I put a bird track on my necklace because I want people to have freedom. Some people they don't go to school and they really want to go to school but they don't have freedom. In other countries they have a war and they don't have no food and some people die because of war. I want them to have freedom and be happy with their family.


I put a snack on my necklace because I want people to be kind to each other. Even though you don't know them, just be kind to them. When the people need help, just help them.


I put a brother or sister on my necklace because I have brother and sister. I love my sister and brother because they help me when I need help. My sister and my brother are always there for me.


- No Bel