Ready for Takeoff: Form One Students Explore Career Opportunities with Delta Air Lines

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by Johna Meldau | April 25, 2023

Form One students had the incredible opportunity to learn about the job of a Delta Air Lines flight attendants during Career Week. With their chairs lined up in rows like an airplane, the girls were transported to a new learning environment. Delta’s team of flight attendants began with introductions and captured the girls’ attention instantly. Many of the students recalled their first airplane travels from their countries to various countries in Europe or to different states in the US. The students were open about their experiences, stating that they were afraid, excited, nervous, and curious. They recalled how the flight attendants served food and drinks, which left a positive impression.
After relating their personal experiences to activity, the class learned that flight attendants have many skills and responsibilities. From hospitality service to medical knowledge,and fire safety preparedness, they have to be ready to overcome any challenge that arrives on board an airplane in flight. The students were able to practice inflating the life vest in case of an emergency. They learned how to use water canisters to put out fires, and they practiced giving CPR to mannequins. The various roles and responsibilities excited the girls, who were eager to try and to learn new skills. Enthusiasm filled the room as they learned how building specific skills can be directly applied to a job, a future, a possibility.

Throughout the week, Form One practiced using question statements to ask during career week. They worked to overcome their shyness when speaking to someone new, and they applied content vocabulary in a meaningful way. They asked about the educational path to becoming a flight attendant. The girls inquired about the salary, the travel opportunities, and the reasons why the women chose this career. This was an incredible display of the students’ thirst for knowledge, eagerness to understand, and curiosity of what a career may look like for themselves.

delta career day

As the day came to an end, the Delta Air Lines flight attendants gifted students with Delta merchandise including notebooks, but beyond that, the greater gift was an insight into their careers.
At GVP, part of our responsibility and mission is to develop students’ curiosity, support them to expand their view of the world, and facilitate the learning process as they gain the skills necessary to enter the world. This was just the first day of a whole week filled with other guests with similar backgrounds who have succeeded in their careers, providing the students with a diverse view of careers and success. Today they are students, tomorrow they will be leaders.