Lifeworks Learning Unit Begins

doctor lifeworks

by Danielle Ereddia | October 25, 2021

Each of GVP’s quarterly learning units conclude with our Authors’ Tea.  Authors Teas are a chance to gather, celebrate our community, and allow students a platform to present their learning from our Integrated Units of Study. With the Welcome Unit behind us, we are already looking towards our next learning unit, “Lifeworks.”

Formerly known as the Wax Museum, this unit is beloved by our students. As part of this unit,  students dress up and deliver a monologue from the perspective of a historical woman or a woman in a career. Integrated throughout ELA and Social Studies classes, students will learn about women who dedicate their lives and careers to their communities as workers, leaders, and advocates. The learning is personal, with each student picking a career or woman that inspires them. They will read, research, and write both an informational text and a monologue for their character. In December, each student will wear a costume and perform their monologue for an audience. 

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The purpose of this unit is that by the end, we hope students can answer the following questions:

 1. What are different careers in STEAM?

 2. Why is a historical figure’s life worth reading about? 

Students will understand that people help each other to face challenges and that everyone has the potential to do lifework. 

This unit is about much more than textbook learning, however — it is a charge for equity in educational curriculum. Traditional school curricula consistently omit the historical and cultural significance of women, immigrants, and people of color. We know that there are large gaps in access to STEM and STEAM careers for women, and especially women of color. We also know that representation matters. By opening this conversation through the lifeworks unit and other aspects of our curriculum, we contribute to raising the voices of our students and affirming their dignity and agency.

The end result of this unit is incredible. The process and the conversations of students’ hopes and dreams, inspire and excite every member of our community who witness it in action.

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