Mentors Meet and Match

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by Staff | November 28, 2022

GVP mentors had their first in person meeting since the pandemic began. The meeting took place at Decatur Presbyterian Church and was led by Mentor Coordinator, Michelle Kuperman. During the meeting, they discussed upcoming mentors events including matching Form Three students with their mentors, the success of the Welcome Walk, the annual mentor/mentee trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and the monthly GVP book club.

Form Three students have all been matched with their mentors this year. Over the course of two days, Michelle met with mentors and their new mentees to make introductions and define the nature of their relationships. Students waited excitedly and impatiently to meet their mentors, many walking by the conference rooms and peering in to get a glimpse of the process. “Ms., who will be my mentor?” they asked Michelle anxiously. “Please tell me. I have not slept the last two nights,” they insisted. “Will my sister and I have the same mentor or will we each have our own mentor?” They were full of questions.

Mentors play a key role in the community of support that our alumni need as they leave GVP and move towards high school graduation, college, and beyond. Our goal for the mentor program is to set our alumni up for success by matching them with female role models who can support them academically after GVP, but also help them to navigate the educational and social pathways to high school and beyond.

To learn more about the mentor program, click here:

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