GVP Gives Food Deliveries to Students and their Families

Crispin and food

by Erikah Swift | June 21, 2022

The work at Global Village Project doesn’t end inside the classroom. Crispin Wilondja, Family & Student Engagement Manager, leads monthly food deliveries for students’ families with bags of fresh fruit, grains, beans and more. Mr. Crispin talks about the process behind the food deliveries.

Why does GVP have food deliveries? Why is it important?

We found that girls were in need of something to eat before classes started. The best way was to supply them with something that they could cook and eat before class. Then, we also found that some families were struggling to get enough food for all the kids’ meals. Therefore, GVP started this program. It became critical with Covid-19 when kids were staying home with a big need of food throughout the day. This program is very important because it supports families and it allows students to have something to eat before coming to school.

 What type of food is in the bags?

From experience, we discovered that our families prefer fresh food rather than canned food or frozen food. We started giving more fresh food. Here is a typical list of food that we give during food deliveries: rice, lentils, dried fruit and nut mix, oatmeal, instant milk, yukon gold potatoes, oranges, apples, and a big bunch of Georgia-grown kale.

What has your experience been like coordinating logistics for the food deliveries and working with the GVP volunteers for food deliveries?

My first experience is the joy of responding to the great needs of our families. I always think that it is good to respond to a need that does not yet find a response in our community, in our school. The families like getting the food and they see GVP as a special and caring school. Working with volunteers is a learning experience. I am very grateful to Jazmine (Volunteer Program Coordinator) who once she knows our need for food delivery, she immediately contacts some volunteers who are always happy to help. It is impressive to see how volunteers are always available and happy to help. I am also grateful to Mrs. Evelyn (GVP Volunteer) who works harder to get the food we need for our families.

volunteers food deliveries
Volunteers helping with food deliveries.