GVP Founder Suzie Jacobs Volunteers in Math Class

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by Erikah Swift | September 23, 2022

For 13 years, Suzie Jacobs has watched GVP grow and blossom. She is one of the school’s founders. Since 2009, she has contributed to the school’s development. Now, she continues to be hands-on in her approach to education — every Monday afternoon in Ms. Linda’s Form Two Math class.

Class starts with all eyes on Ms. Linda. Pencils race to copy the notes on the board. Today’s lesson is about protractors and angles. “Obtuse angles measure greater than 90 degrees,” Ms. Linda says. After their notes, students take turns going to the board and drawing different angles: right, obtuse or acute.

Then, Ms. Suzie sits at a table with students to assist with their classwork. Here is when she finds a breakthrough moment — the difference between last and less. Students are learning how acute angles (measure) less than 90 degrees.

But one student is shaking her head. “What is less?” she asks.

“Good question!” says Ms Suzie.

Another student shows her take on the word, “That’s like after school. I take the less bus home.”

Now, it’s clear where the confusion lies and how to explain this important piece of math language. Ms Suzie says that moments like this are always a learning experience for her too. “I learn something new every day,” she says. “I look forward to learning how the girls make amazing breakthroughs. You can see [those breakthroughs] happening on their faces.”

Class wraps up and students hurry out the door for more learning.

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Suzie Jacobs and Form Two student.