GVP Announces New Strategic Plan for 2021-2024

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by Erikah Swift | October 27, 2021

Global Village Project is excited to announce the finalized strategic plan for the next three years. The document is the result of work that took place over a six-month period through consulting our community and stakeholders. We listened to parents, students, staff, alumnae, teachers, Board members, donors, volunteers, and other community members. We were able to collectively envision the future of our school with five key strategic directions and specific goals to make them a reality. These priorities we identified are:

Strategic Direction I. Tell Our Powerful Story

Visibility Matters. In order to be attractive for increased support and replication, GVP’s model and brand must be more widely known. Growing GVP’s visibility, influence, and supporter base by highly effective communication is essential to help our school continue to thrive and to ensure that GVP’s model is recognized as a highly successful, replicable model for interrupted education.

Strategic Direction II. Build a Stronger Village Community

Connections Matter. The success of all GVP’s aspirations is hinged on the strength of its stakeholders. The Board, staff, parents, students, volunteers, and the community around us must be aligned and equipped with the knowledge, skills and capacity to drive GVP’s agenda.

Strategic Direction III. Expand Funding Resources and Results  

Funding Matters. Our funding efforts must be two-pronged to fulfill our new Strategic Plan. To continue and enhance our powerfully effective educational program, GVP must expand its annual donor base of individuals and institutional funders. To plan for future growth and the physical space to accommodate such growth, we must begin to build the foundation for a major capital campaign. 

Strategic Direction IV. Plan and Scale to a New Home 

Space Matters. A key priority for GVP’s future is to increase its capacity to serve more students. That translates into needing more space. At full capacity, our present space is not sufficient to meet all needs. If GVP is to be ready to handle the predicted refugee growth, it needs to prepare for more students, more staff, and more space.

The first twelve years of our school were about creating and establishing a model for reactivating the education of girls whose academic journeys had been interrupted. Over that time, we have registered significant successes, of which we are proud. Today, we see many of our alumni go on to be successful in high school, in college and in their careers.

Over the coming years, we plan to expand that model to reach an even larger number of students. The current projections for the growth of refugees coming into our communities are significant, and so our aim is to be prepared to meet these needs.  We have bold and ambitious dreams, and we have a powerful story to tell. I hope that this document conveys those dreams and inspires you to become a part of our vision for impact.

Strategic Direction V. Enhance Model for Replication

Sharing Matters. GVP has developed a highly effective education model for refugee girls and others with thorough evaluation and assessment of programs. GPV has been urged to share the model more widely, becoming a recognized leader in refugee education for students the world over and we plan to do that with greater intentionality.

Thank you for your interest in our school and in our mission, and hope you will continue to support us as we embark on this journey to put our new strategic plan into action. 

FINAL Strategic Plan One Pager