Backpacks for Back to School


by Staff | August 23, 2023

Backpack photo 2

Staff of Insight Global, a Dunwoody-based staffing company and GVP supporter visited GVP on August 9th to deliver and distribute backpacks to GVP students. The students, who were only on their third day of school, met guests and their gifts with lots of excitement as they chose from a pile of backpacks that contained school supplies, sanitary products and other materials such as books, pens and chapstick. Teachers and staff tried to keep students organized as they expressed their delight over the gifts they were receiving and inspected the items meticulously.

The delegation from Insight Global was led by Allison Green, Senior Director of Philanthropy. The backpacks were the result of a drive that Allison and her team had led at their offices. 

Insight Global supports GVP with annual contributions and sponsorship of the Welcome Walk and the Tribute to Education gala. David Lowance, Chief Legal Counsel at Insight Global, serves as Vice- Chair of the Board of GVP.

“I love my new backpack. I love everything in it, but most of all I love the notecards and I love the notebook,” one student said. Her classmate, standing next to her said simply, “I’m not using mine now. I’m saving mine for high school.”