6 Ways GVP Mentors Support Alumnae’s Dreams

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by Jennie Jiang | January 25, 2021

It can make a world a difference to have someone believing in you and rooting for you at every turn. GVP students’ families are all deeply committed to their daughters’ education, and as part of our holistic model, GVP mentors also help students remain connected to a community of support after they graduate. In honor of National Mentoring Month, this month we are celebrating the many ways that GVP mentors are making that difference – helping to provide critical support so alumnae can thrive in their continuing academic journeys. 

Multiple research studies demonstrate the positive social and emotional effects that strong and meaningful mentoring relationships have on students, especially for those at risk of not finishing high school (amle.org). GVP’s mentorship program pairs every graduating student with a mentor during her final year at GVP, marking the start to a long-term, 1-on-1 relationship in which the mentor accompanies the alumna as she and her family navigate her future beyond GVP. Currently, 75 mentees are supported by 60 active mentors in the GVP community.  

Here are 6 ways that our extraordinary GVP mentors show support, encouragement, and love to their mentees every day:   

  1. By encouraging and supporting interests: “My mentor has helped me to open my door for new experiences. She always encourages and supports me in anything I’m interested in. I am beyond grateful for what my mentor and GVP have done for me.” – En Kawli
  2. By offering care and understanding. “My mentor and I are super close – she is like a second mom. She inspired me to become a nurse and has always been there for me. When I’m anxious, she sends me chocolate. We both understand each other.” – Ayat
  3. Ehsoe with mentor 249x332 1By going the distance. “My mentor, Mrs. Robbin, had done many things for me. One of the most memorable things I remember was when we were on the college search during my junior year in high school. Not only did she drive me all the way to Alabama to visit college, but she also bought me a plane ticket, and we flew together to Baltimore, Maryland to look at a college campus in person. I had never imagined someone who will give their love and time to people that they are not even blood-related. We might not be blood-related, but in my heart, she is the most loving mom to me.” – Ehsoe
  4. By offering a different perspective. “Growing up in a refugee camp limited my perspectives on things. Still, my mentor inspired me to gain a fresh perspective and learn a new way of thinking, not only for my academics but also for my personal decision and growth. I really thank her for all the things she has done for me and that she is an amazing person anyone could ever ask for.” – Ker Ler Moo
  5. By soothing college application stress! “My mentor helped me choose my college. I was so anxious but my mentor talked me through it, calmed me down, and helped me plan everything – so grateful to her!” – Asma
  6. By inspiring a drive to help others. “I genuinely adore my mentor so much, and she always inspired me in so many ways. If there is one thing I can give her back, it will be following her footstep by showing how to love others and helping people who are in need.” – Ehsoe