Sustaining Members


Join Global Village Project’s monthly giving program and become a Sustaining Member - part of our community of cheerleaders who provide crucial, ongoing support for our students’ year-long learning.

For many of our students, achieving the dream of high school graduation means they have to progress twice as fast in their years at GVP. It’s a difficult challenge, but GVP’s motivated young women do just that:

  • On average, our students progress 1.74 grade levels every year
  • Over the last 3 years we’ve had a 95%+ school wide attendance rate
  • More than half of our latest Form 1 newcomer students were in the 99th percentile for math skills growth by the end of their first year (compared to their peers nationally)
  • By the time they graduate, Form 3 students have attended GVP for 1.9 years on average, but in that time they improve their reading by an average of 4.1 grade levels!
  • 92% of our latest Form 3 students tested proficient at middle school math, with 2 testing as high as a 10th grade level

GVP students work incredibly hard and never stop learning. The Sustaining Member program is an opportunity for you to invest in the teachers, learning materials, and technology that our GVP learners need access to all year long in order to overcome the gaps in their education.

As we look forward to celebrating our 10-year anniversary in the 2018-2019 school year, your monthly or quarterly gift will help ensure for years to come that we can continue to support refugee young women on the path to high school graduation and beyond.