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Read more about our student outcomes and alumni success over the past year.

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Superhero Teachers

[siteorigin_widget class="SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget"][/siteorigin_widget] When I was 7, my mother moved me and my younger brother and sister from New York to a very small town in South Carolina. It was a...

Navigating a New Course

On Friday we celebrated our first ever GVP Virtual Community Tea. There were a few very minor hiccups, but it was a wonderful way to kick off the month of...
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Building Resilience

Last week, I received a very interesting article from Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN) in my email inbox. We have come to rely greatly on GCN’s expertise and guidance in...
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The Power of Reading

Last night in bed, I was looking over my Facebook feed and saw another great post from A Mighty Girl. I love seeing and reading what they put out on...

Farewell to Amy Pun, Form 1 Newcomer Teacher

Written by Anne Garbarino in collaboration with Katie Fowler Amy naturally possesses a seemingly unending well of patience and love. She radiates a calm and positive, can-do attitude and transfers...

Credo for a Pandemic: A Call for Inclusion

Inclusion is an essential value during this pandemic time in our world.  Inclusion is the valuing of the perspectives and contributions of all people and ensuring a safe, affirming, respectful...

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Dear Decaturish – To welcome refugees, we need inclusive education

Decaturish | 6/24/21

Like many students across the country, Lucia, a middle school student in Decatur, spent the past school year online. She worked with her classmates to solve the math problems projected across her screen. 

What's New At GVP | GVP Updates & News | Global Village Project

Lily Tova the therapy dog comforts refugee girls in Decatur

AJC | 12/1/19

Lily Tova barked excitedly and shook her gray pom-pom-like tail when she arrived for her most recent visit at the Global Village Project, a middle school for refugee girls in Decatur.

What's New At GVP | GVP Updates & News | Global Village Project

What one group of refugee girls is thankful for this Thanksgiving

CNN | 11/27/19

Along a short hallway on the upper floor of Decatur Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, a blue banner stretches across the wall, packed with scrawled messages of thanks and words swelling with appreciation.

Education For Refugee Girls & Women | Our Challenge | GVP

One Girl At A Time

A PLUS | 10/18/19

Global Village Project is the only school in the United States designed to meet unique needs of refugee girls with interrupted education.

Strengths Based Approach Steam Education For Refugee Girls | GVP