GVP’s Response to the Afghan Refugee Crisis

Education For Refugee Girls & Women | Our Challenge | GVP

by Erikah Swift | August 30, 2021

The creation of Global Village Project dates to 2004 when a group of social activists and educators serving refugee families observed a huge need for additional educational support for many incoming refugee children. Our founders first set up Saturday school for five teen survivors of war from Afghanistan. As the girls invited their mothers, grandmothers, and siblings to attend, the Saturday school expanded to a learning community of 60 students and dozens of volunteers. Since the formal opening of our doors in 2009, we have always stayed true to our vision to ensure that refugee girls with interrupted schooling have access to the education necessary to pursue their dreams.

We are concerned for the current humanitarian crisis happening now in Afghanistan especially given that this background is the reality for most of our students. Our mission is focused on reactivating the education of refugee girls once they arrive in our community in Decatur and Clarkston, GA.

To support our Afghan neighbors, we encourage you to connect with some of our partner organizations, including New American Pathways and the International Rescue Committee, who provide immediate services to newly arrived refugees in Atlanta.