What do GVP volunteers do?

GVP relies heavily on its volunteers to provide intensive and individualized support our students need to succeed academically and socially. Many GVP volunteers serve weekly as tutors, classroom assistants, lunch supervisors, office assistants, volunteer coordinators, and interns. They also can serve during one-off special events. Those who fit the criteria can serve as mentors to GVP students and alumnae for a minimum of one-year. Group volunteers provide lunch support when Agnes Scott is closed, host receptions during Authors’ Teas and parent-teacher conferences, organize group fundraisers, and support special events.

Read more about our volunteer opportunities for individuals or our opportunities for groups.

How many volunteers serve at GVP?

Nearly 200 volunteers serve GVP students, alumnae and the school each year. This includes around 120 regular volunteers and 10 interns at the school each week, with an additional 70 mentors supporting nearly 100 GVP students and alumnae through our mentor program. We also have about 20 volunteer groups who serve GVP students each year.

What are the demographics of the students GVP volunteers serve?  

We enroll around 45 students in our full day academic program, and our mentor program serves 75 alumnae and student mentees. Each year, our students come from 10+ countries including Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Iraq, Syria, and Zambia. Our students are ‘newcomers’, meaning they have been in the USA for 3 years or less, and are between the ages of 11-18. Most arrive with Pre-K to 2nd grade levels of knowledge in math and reading, because they’ve missed (on average) 3 years of schooling during their displacement and transition as refugees.

How can I sign-up as an individual volunteer at GVP?  

Review our Intake Process for details on signing up to volunteer at GVP. In brief, the sign up process includes three steps:

  • Step One: Submit our online Volunteer Application - the volunteer application can be filled out online and submitted electronically.
  • Step Two: Attend a New Volunteer Orientation - All interested volunteers must attend a volunteer orientation before they can begin volunteering with us.
  • Step Three: Submit Volunteer Paperwork - All interested volunteers must undergo a background check before they can begin volunteering with us. At New Volunteer Orientation, volunteers will be provided additional forms to fill out and submit, including a media and liability waiver, a confidentiality agreement, etc.
How can I sign up my volunteer group to serve at GVP?  

Begin by reviewing our Volunteer Opportunities for Groups to select the opportunities that make the most sense for your group’s demographics and interests.  

Next, submit an online request for a Group Volunteer Time. We will follow up with you to select a group volunteer opportunity based on the size of your group and availability.

If individuals from your group are interested in volunteering on a regular basis (weekly or monthly), they will need to go through our typical Intake Process: filling out a Volunteer Application, attending New Volunteer Orientation, and submitting volunteer paperwork (including a background check). If your group will only be volunteering on a one-time basis, these steps will most likely not be required. Our Community Engagement Manager will inform you of any requirements.

What are the requirements for volunteering at GVP?

GVP serves young refugee women. Our minor and refugee population is considered a vulnerable population. GVP volunteer requirements are in place to protect our students and provide a healthy and safe learning environment. If you are unable to fulfill a requirement or pass a screening, but still want to get involved or support GVP, please contact our Community Engagement Manager at communityengagement@globalvillageproject.org

Volunteer Criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years old (with exception to high school age interns, tutors, and members of group volunteers)
  • Have a Social Security Number (SSN), Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), Visa Control Number and/or Driver's License Number
  • Present a form of ID (Driver’s License, State ID, Passport)
  • Pass a background check
  • Mentors must be at least 21 years old and must undergo a fingerprint background check. 
What’s a GVP orientation about?

GVP offers three mandatory training sessions to prepare volunteers for working with our students. Each orientation is offered on various dates at the beginning of and throughout the school year, and RSVPs are required to attend. READ MORE >

  • Session One: New Volunteer Orientation - clarifies GVP policies and procedures that are relevant to volunteers.
  • Session Two: Cultural Orientation - aims to explore and develop intercultural competence through an interactive workshop.
  • Session Three: Trauma Training - provides volunteers with a basic understanding of trauma and torture, how it presents in refugee children, and how to support refugee youth that are impacted by the refugee experience.
Does GVP offer one-on-one or small group orientations for volunteers?

We make an effort to schedule orientations at a variety of times and days, to accommodate most schedules. Prospective volunteers are encouraged to attend these scheduled New Volunteer Orientations, which are offered to the general public at least 10 times throughout a school year.

On rare occasions, including when we need to fill an immediate volunteer need, we can provide one-on-one or small group training, orient group volunteers, or onboard specific volunteers on an a rolling basis. Contact our Community Engagement Manager to request an orientation.

Note: Cultural Orientation and Trauma Training is ONLY offered to the general public twice during the fall and spring semesters. View dates of upcoming sessions.

What do I bring to orientation?

You’ll need to know your Social Security Number (SSN). We do not need your SSN card, but will need your number to run background checks. Optionally, you can also bring your pre-filled background check form to deliver to the training facilitator. Additional required paperwork will be provided during orientation.

What is the background check process?

All Volunteers must permit GVP to complete a general background check and a check of the sex offender registry prior to beginning service. This background check uses an online database and is processed through a local police department to check the State Criminal History Record. Volunteers with continuous service are required to undergo a background check every three years. Volunteers who have had an interruption in their service of more than nine months will be required to undergo another background check. Volunteers may be asked to make a donation to cover the cost of any additional background checks required to further review their eligibility for service.

As of November 2018, GVP's background check process for mentors has changed. Due to Mentors’ roles outside the school with students, mentors of students and alumnae under the age of 18 will be required to undergo more in-depth background checks in addition to those required for other Volunteers. Mentors will be asked to make a donation to cover the cost of a more thorough Nationwide Criminal History Record Check for service. The mentor background check step-by-step instructions are available by contacting our Community Engagement Manager.

How does GVP track volunteer activity?

Hours are tracked weekly for general volunteers and interns that serve at GVP. We use a digital sign-up system for volunteers to check-in and check-out for each service shift. This application tracks volunteer hours and transfers the information to our contact management database, Salesforce, which safe keeps our volunteer records. Off-site volunteers (including mentors) must complete a monthly survey to collect data on their mentor service.

We ask that all volunteers sign-in and sign-out on each day of their service and/or turn-in hours to their program supervisor.

How do I request a report and/or confirmation of my volunteer service hours?

Contact the Community Engagement Manager at communityengagement@globalvillageproject.org to submit a request.

How can I intern at GVP?

Internships are unpaid, but college credit can be arranged. All interns must commit to working a minimum of 8-12 hours a week for 3-4 months. Start and end dates are negotiable, based on the position and the needs of the intern and staff members. We offer seven internships each year. LEARN MORE >

How can I become a GVP mentor?

GVP’s community-based mentoring program provides support to our alumnae as they continue on their educational journeys. We are looking for passionate female mentors who want to make a long-term, consistent commitment to accompanying a GVP alumna as she navigates her future.

To begin, review the details of our Mentor Program, eligibility criteria, and requirements.

A quick overview of the process:

  • Step One: Print, Complete and Submit the Mentor Application
  • Step Two: Attend an Interview/Meeting with our Mentor Coordinator
  • Step Three: Sign up to Volunteer and Engage with Students - This includes following the steps that every individual volunteer must complete to serve at GVP: filling out the online Volunteer Application, attending New Volunteer Orientation, and submitting a background check and paperwork.
  • Step Four: Matching Process

All interested mentors must volunteer at GVP and/or have regular contact with students before they will be considered as a potential mentor. Getting to know students is important in the mentor-mentee matching process, so we ask for student engagement for 2-3 months prior to matching. View our Volunteer Opportunities for Individuals to identify the options that could work best for you.

How can I be an AmeriCorps Member at GVP?

GVP offers two School Support AmeriCorps Member position opportunities through the ​Notre Dame Mission Volunteers-AmeriCorps (NDMVA) program. READ MORE >

How can I support GVP in addition to volunteering?  

We depend on private donations to support our school and provide full scholarships for all of our students. The best way to provide more help to GVP is to sign up as a monthly recurring donor - one of our Sustaining Members. By donating just $50 per month, less than an average trip to the grocery store, you can cover the costs of one student’s lunch at Agnes Scott College every day.

Donate now through our online donation form or learn more about the many ways that you can contribute to GVP. You can also help by following us on your social media accounts and spreading the word about our special school and amazing students!


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