Required Volunteer Trainings


GVP requires all volunteers and mentors to attend three 2-hr training sessions in order to work with our unique community of students. Regardless of your past volunteer or professional experience, we believe firmly that everyone can benefit from participating in these sessions as a member of the GVP community. At GVP, we believe in lifelong learning, and view these valuable trainings as opportunities to learn from and teach one another.

Session 1: New Volunteer Orientation

Mandatory for all volunteers and service members before they begin at GVP.


This session clarifies GVP policies and procedures that are relevant to volunteers. It is intended for interested volunteers who are available to meet our current needs. Read more about our current volunteer opportunities.

Note: Orientations can be scheduled as a one-on-one or small group basis. Contact if you’d like to discuss a special session.

Session 2: Cultural Orientation

Mandatory for all volunteers and service members to continue volunteering at GVP.


This orientation aims to explore and develop intercultural competence through an interactive workshop.

Session 3: Trauma-Informed Practices

Mandatory and must be completed by all volunteers and mentors working with students directly by the end of your first year with us.


This session is about developing an understanding of how trauma can impact students' behavior and experience in the classroom. Trauma-informed and restorative practices are key to GVP’s model, especially since our students have all experienced (at least) the trauma of displacement. This training provides volunteers with a basic understanding of trauma, how it can present in refugee children, and how to respond to students impacted by trauma in a way that contributes their feeling of safety and belonging.