Why Your Daughter Needs a Mentor


What is GVP's Mentoring Program?

Global Village Project offers students in their second or third year at GVP the opportunity to be part of our Mentor Program. In this program, GVP students are matched with an adult female mentor or mentor family, who will support them beyond our school walls and classrooms and into high school, college, and careers.

The GVP Mentor Program is voluntary. Students do not have to participate, but we believe that mentors are very important to our students’ success in high school and beyond. If parents and a student no longer want to be part of the program, they must send a written notice to Dr. Cassie Leymarie, Director of Education and Impact at GVP.

Who are mentors, and how do they help?

GVP parents and students are very new to the U.S. and often need extra support at school. Mentors help students learn about school in the U.S., study, prepare and register for high school, get to school conferences, learn about possible careers, and learn more about their new community. We are very proud of the fact that over 90% of GVP graduates who completed two years at our school and were matched with a mentor remain in school and continue their formal education.

The mentors at GVP are volunteers and are not employed by Global Village Project (GVP).  All mentors are required to complete and pass a criminal background check and go through child safety and protection training with our Community Engagement Manager. They receive ongoing support and monitoring from our Mentor Coordinator.

Mentors meet with mentees about twice per month and often have meetings at the school during regular hours. Many mentors act as tutors and classroom helpers at GVP. Mentors also meet with their mentees after school and for mentor group events with parent permission. GVP mentors often take students to plays, concerts, sporting events, and other cultural events. Mentors also help mentees with things such as resume building, job applications, school applications, college visits, career exploration, and more.

We are deeply grateful to the parents who entrust their daughters’ education to us and to the 60+ mentors in the GVP mentor community who offer their support to more than 70 GVP students and graduates.

We know together we make a difference, one girl at a time!