Mentorship Program Application

Thank you for your interest in mentoring at GVP! We are thrilled you would like to join our community and support our students. Please complete and submit this application.


Volunteer Information

Please answer these questions regarding your interest in mentoring at GVP.

Agreement to GVP Mentor Commitment

Please read the following statements and indicate if you understand and agree to the GVP Mentor commitment.
I understand that the mentor program involves spending a minimum of 1 hour 2x/month with my mentee.(Required)
I understand that I will be required to complete a brief discernment period (attend 2 group mentor/mentee activities), a background check, the new volunteer and mentor program orientations and at least two training sessions during the year.(Required)
Within the past 10 years, have you been convicted of any felony or misdemeanor classified as an offense of public indecency or a violation involving a state/federally controlled substance or DUI?(Required)
Are you under current indictment or has a district/county attorney accepted as an official complaint for any of the offenses in question #5?(Required)

Optional Match Information

Do you prefer working with a quiet, reserved mentee?
Do you prefer working with an outgoing mentee?
Please select the activities you most enjoy.