Mentoring Program


Support beyond GVP is key
to students’ long-term success

and achievement in high school and college. With the help of dedicated volunteer mentors, GVP’s caring community continues to support student even after they graduate from our academic program.

Community-oriented and community-based, our mentoring program helps our alumnae and their families as they continue on their educational journeys. Passionate women who have volunteered at GVP and worked alongside our students commit to long-term, consistent mentoring to an alumna as she navigates the pathways to high school and beyond. Our students are matched with mentors during their final year at GVP, giving them time to forge relationships and prepare for the educational experience beyond our school.

students and alumnae are currently served by our mentoring program

When facing opportunity gaps,
young adults who have a mentor are:

more likely to be enrolled in college*
more likely to hold leadership positions**

Through the mentoring program, mentees have access to learning expeditions and field trips, college and career counseling, weekend and summer workshops, and technological and textual resources. Families and community members also have the opportunity to participate in the program through the performances, presentations, and workshops prepared by GVP students, staff, and partners.

At GVP, our Mentoring Program focuses on:
  • Developing social and life skills, with a particular focus on adapting to American culture while maintaining the mentee’s own culture
  • Developing English language and reading skills
  • Providing other academic support such as homework help and preparation for transition to junior high or high school
  • Providing emotional support
  • Serving as an advocate and guide basic activities such as using public transportation,  using a library, looking for a job, etc.
  • Developing workforce preparedness skills
  • Providing opportunities to just relax and have fun
  • Providing opportunities for peer interaction and support
  • Developing a young person’s creative talents
  • Providing opportunities to do service projects that help others

I came to GVP almost four years ago to give something back to my community. Instead, I have truly received far more than I could ever give.

- Michelle Kuperman, Mentor Coordinator