GVP Launches Volunteer Support Network to Maximize Impact

Student with ipad (2)

by Jennie Jiang | February 23, 2021

GVP is excited to introduce the Volunteer Support Network (VSN), a new internal structure and model for our dedicated and long-standing volunteer corps. Watch the video above for a brief introduction of the VSN from Volunteer Liaison Natalie Huyghe!

Since our inception in 2009, volunteers have played a critical role in supporting GVP, expanding the school’s capacity to make an impact on refugee girls’ education. This season, we are thrilled to be launching the Volunteer Support Network in order to better tap into the skills and strengths of GVP volunteers and maximize their potential impact on the students, teachers and staff at GVP. The VSN, which includes every active volunteer at GVP, will provide a new internal structure for the volunteer corps so that it can function in an efficient, sustainable, and semi-autonomous fashion.

GVP volunteers have proven time and time again that they are a group of capable and dedicated individuals. With that in mind, we want to make available a new way to be involved at GVP that gives more autonomy and opportunities for leadership to our volunteers. It is our hope through this restructuring that we can more accurately meet the needs of the organization, while requiring less day-to-day, hands-on administration from GVP staff. We are confident in our volunteers’ abilities to step into volunteer leadership roles and operate semi-autonomously. Together, we can have a great impact on the lives of our students and everyone at GVP, while also growing our own sense of self-satisfaction and personal accomplishments.

Stay tuned for more details about the volunteer leadership roles available within the new VSN, and keep an eye on your inboxes for the volunteer skills survey! If you have any questions about the VSN or volunteering at GVP, please contact Natalie Huyghe at [email protected].

Not an active GVP volunteer? Learn more about what volunteering at GVP looks like (during on-site times) at https://globalvillageproject.org/engage/volunteer/. While we are not currently on-boarding new volunteers due to the pandemic, we encourage interested individuals to still fill out an application, and we will follow up with you as soon as we are able to safely return on-site. Feel free to contact Natalie Huyghe, above, with any volunteer-related inquiries.