GVP Alumni Receive Scholarships for College

Nasteho 1

by Michelle Kuperman | March 29, 2022

Global Village Project is placing the spotlight and sending a shoutout to all our alum who have received scholarships to go to college, whether they be Mr. Ricky Scholars, named after GVP’s Founder, Asian Pacific scholarships or others.

We especially wanted to highlight four of our alum who have recently received very prestigious, full ride scholarships to various universities. Our first scholar was Meh Sod Paw, who received the Gates Millennium full scholarship to Agnes Scott College and is still utilizing the scholarship to complete her Master’s degree in Education at the University of Northern Colorado.

Secondly, Nasteho Ibrahim was nominated by her high school and received the Posse Scholarship to Georgetown University, which was a full ride as well. She is currently in her sophomore year there.
Two of our alumni have received the Bonner Scholarship, which is a four-year, work study, service-based scholarship program that supports an education for low income and first-generation students who are committed to changing the world through service. The first alum to receive this was Niza Vang who is a junior at Berry College. MuKu, who will be starting at Berry College in the fall, just received the news that she, too, will be a Bonner Scholar. Lastly, Farzana Barati just also received the Bonner scholarship for Berry College!!

We are proud of our GVP alumni who are shining so brightly in their post high school academics!!

Nasteho 1 1
Nasteho Ibrahim, ’16 (Posse Scholar).
GVP Walk 2021 9716
GVP alumni Khaty. ’16 and Farzana, ’18 (Bonner Scholarship recipient).