Form Three Students Prepare for High School Algebra


by Linda Smiley | April 28, 2023

Did you know that the recommended slope of a wheelchair ramp is 1/12?  Ask any Form Three student, and she will tell you this means! If a ramp rises one foot from the lowest to the highest point, the length it covers should be at least 12 feet. Slope has been a part of their studies of linear equations, which included an understanding of the coordinate plane. In order to put equations into a form in which they could determine the slope, students had to be able to solve equations with several terms using inverse operations. We investigated slopes in the built environment by calculating the slopes of ramps near the Decatur Marta Station. This experiential learning is important because it relates purely classroom information to our daily experiences. Form Three has come a long way since their study of the correct order of operations in the fall. That knowledge has become the basis for understanding increasingly complex expressions and equations, preparing them for success as they soon cross into ninth grade algebra. We thank our great math volunteers for helping us in all of our math classes!