Alums Gather for Winter Mixer


by Elise Witt | January 23, 2023

Over the holidays, alums gathered in Clarkston at Amani Women Center for an evening of fun and dream building into the new year. A graduate of GVP’s very first year, some recent grads, and alums from every year in between were there to share their stories and add a hope or dream for 2023. Surrounded by Amani’s gorgeous African fabrics, the group played Scarfarama (you might know it as White Elephant), an ice breaker game, with lots of hilarity, after which everyone got to keep a scarf of their choice (the array was vast).

There were art supplies available for each person to create a Vision Board for 2023, and several alums got together to make a Vision Board for GVP, naming what they loved about their GVP experience, as well as suggestions for how GVP can grow and get even better. Over snacks, students had time to visit with each other and GVP staff, including Ms. Michelle, Ms. Marjorie, Ms. Hope, Ms. Elise and even some of GVP’s former staff members and teachers. The night ended with a GVP tradition, a harmony of voices melting together to sing Mr. Ricky’s “GVP Song,” and, by special request, “I Wanna Walk a Mile in Your Shoes.” Everyone had a great time and agreed they would like to meet again in the spring. 

alumni witner mixer 1.2 edited
Alumni students, Foyiza, Ni, and Ker Ler with Mr. Darryl, GVP’s former Science Teacher.