Georgia Tax Credit Program


Turn your taxes into GVP scholarships.

The Georgia Tax Credit Program is a simple giving program that allows Georgia taxpayers to redirect some of their state income taxes as a donation to schools like GVP. The schools use the funds to provide scholarships to students who need them. Anyone who pays taxes in Georgia is eligible to participate. The best part is that turning your taxes into donations through this program means you get double the tax benefit - a federal charitable deduction AND a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit - for money that you’d be paying in taxes anyway. It’s a win-win way of supporting GVP. Global Village Project is an eligible recipient private school through a partnership with the Apogee Scholarship Fund. Fill out a brief application form at to participate. The application is open between June 1st and December 15th for the following tax year. For the 2020-2021 fiscal year, the deadline has been extended and applications are still open!

This 2-minute video breaks the GA Tax Credit Program down.

Learn how easy and convenient it is to redirect some of your Georgia state taxes as a donation to GVP.

For more information, download the below fact sheet to get a brief overview of the program. Contact Erin Alred at (404) 371-0107 or with questions. You can also learn more at

Fact Sheet - How to Sign up for Apogee