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Invite 47 others to join the movement to welcome refugees and immigrants everywhere. In our toolkits below, find fundraising tips, best practices, and email and social media templates to help you be successful. Plus, download and share our powerful social media posts today!

Example Social Media Post Captions:

Don't forget to use our hashtag #GVPWelcomeWalk when you post. For more post captions and social media tips, check out our Share Tool Kit above!

  • I'm excited to support Global Village Project by raising $[goal]. The proceeds of my fundraiser will allow Global Village Project to provide equitable, inclusive education for refugee students. If you can give even $5, it will make a difference. Will you join me? [your page link] #GVPWelcomeWalk
  • Generosity makes change possible. Global Village Project relies on donations of any amount to continue their work as a nonprofit school for refugee students. [your page link] #GVPWelcomeWalk
  • I'm halfway to my goal! Will you help me raise $[x amount] more to support Global Village Project's work for inclusive, equitable education for refugee learners? [your page link] #GVPWelcomeWalk 
  • Global Village Project alumnae are staying in school, graduating, and going to college. 47 GVP alumnae are currently enrolled in or have graduated from college! Join me in supporting the remarkable refugee young women at GVP today by donating at [your page link]! #GVPWelcomeWalk