AmeriCorps Program


Global Village Project partners with Notre Dame Mission Volunteers-AmeriCorps (NDMVA) to host two AmeriCorps Members each school year: one School Support position and one Health & Wellness Support position.


AmeriCorps members complete an 11-month service at GVP to support refugee students by offering individualized direct and indirect service through education, literacy, and academic support in core programs, including study hall, health and wellness, literacy, and summer academic programming.

Our School Support AmeriCorps Member's core responsibilities will be 1) coordinating and facilitating morning and afternoon study hall sessions, 2) supporting teachers and students in guided reading and/or guided math groups, and 3) facilitating GVP’s summer book club program.

Our Health & Wellness Support AmeriCorps Member's core responsibilities will be 1) coordinating and facilitating Health, Wellness, & Fitness classes as a part of GVP’s Specials programming including but not limited to various fitness classes and outdoor wellness breaks, 2) coordinating and facilitating morning and afternoon study hall sessions, 3) supporting and facilitating GVP’s summer book club program, 4) supporting GVP’s Women’s Health program (held once weekly for 8 weeks), and 5) coordinating an end-of-year field day for all students.

Service members will also walk with students to lunch each day and serve as lunch supervisors. Members may serve in other capacities as needed. Based on members’ backgrounds and interests, GVP will attempt to provide additional opportunities to members to learn and gain educational or nonprofit administration experience. Each full-time member will complete a minimum of 1700 hours from September to July. Click here to download the full job description.


Monday to Friday, 8 hours, approximately 7:30AM to 4:30PM some service hours during evenings and weekends required

To Apply

Complete an application via NDMV’s website.

Contact NDMV’s Site Director, Alison Sheldon, at, and/or the GVP Site Supervisor at if you have questions.

Notre Dame Mission Volunteers-AmeriCorps

NDMVA is a nationwide federally funded community service program for young adults. NDMVA’s work focuses on educating, providing opportunity and building community. NDMV members and volunteers serve alongside communities to expand access to education. Members provide support in a range of learning environments, including schools and community centers.

We love our AmeriCorps Service members! Kate Mull served at GVP in the 2017-2018 school year, and shares a bit about her experience:

“My Americorps experience at Global Village Project has been an evolving one. I have so enjoyed working this role into shape as it becomes established as a part of the ever-morphing fabric of GVP. I have benefited from a transformational experience, being pushed in new ways personally and professionally. I have seen how a small, private, nonprofit school can at once do so very much and still strive to do more every day, stretching resources that are more scarce and finding a place to fit others that are found in abundance. I have seen the power of volunteers, with so many involved throughout the school week that we could easily count the total ratio at 3 or 4 adults per student. I came to GVP to learn about education and about nonprofit work, and I have definitely achieved that goal! In the midst of this process, I have been privileged to get to know some of the most resilient, spunky, smart, and strong young ladies in the State of Georgia! (I may be a teeny bit biased.) I am very grateful for all that I've learned during my time here at GVP.”