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• Prospective Students •


“We come from many different countries, but we have all seen the same things.”

-GVP Alumna


Each GVP girl is unique, yet all share a common experience of coming to America. From as many as 15 different countries, speaking 17 different languages and ranging in age from 11 to 18, GVP girls come to our school with one goal – an education which empowers them to accomplish their dreams.

Most GVP girls live with their families in Clarkston. A few live in Tucker, Stone Mountain, Avondale Estates or the outskirts of Decatur. Our students rise early each day to catch our bus to school, which starts at 8:35 AM. After a full day, they return home to help with younger siblings, dinner preparation, house cleaning and then homework. Many have numerous responsibilities at home, but all are eager to succeed at school. For eight hours a day, they are focused, energetic teenagers on a mission to learn.


Information for Prospective Students: