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July 10, 2017

We’re Hiring!

Donor Relations Manager (FT)

Assessment Coordinator (FT)

Arts Coordinator (PT)

Bus Driver (PT)

(Please see position description for details about how to apply.)

May 16, 2017



Saturday, May 20 at 10AM

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

5140 Memorial Dr

Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Join us to celebrate the 2016-2017 Form 3 girls as they leave us to continue their educational journeys! Graduation will be held in the sanctuary, followed by a potluck in the courtyard. Feel free to bring a dish to share!

April 10, 2017

Art Show Benefiting GVP Sunday, April 23, 2017!

(You can invite others, too!)
Janet Wells
The Jane Project

March 31, 2017



Following the DeKalb County School District, GVP will be closed on Friday, March 31st, 2017. Students will return on April 10th, 2017 after Spring Break (April 3-7). Please be safe on the roads. Have a good weekend and enjoy the break!



January 23, 2017

Tickets now available for Tribute to Education 2017!

January 6, 2017

EARLY DISMISSAL Friday: Jan 6, 2017 at 12:45PM


Following DeKalb County Schools, GVP will release students early on Friday, January 6th. Early buses will leave after lunch and cleaning at 12:45PM, and Route 3 will leave as soon as possible, hopefully by 1:30PM. All staff will be released by 2PM. Have a good weekend!

December 24, 2016

GVP Frequently Asked Questions




What does GVP do?

Global Village Project operates an innovative high school preparatory program that serves teenage refugee girls who have interrupted education and limited English proficiency.  We also operate a mentor program to support alumnae who are now in high school and college. GVP was founded in 2009 by tutors and volunteers who had been working with refugee after school and Saturday programs. They recognized that many refugee young women, resettled and placed into local public middle and high schools, needed more intensive and individualized support to help them succeed academically and socially.  With a strong educational foundation and ongoing support, GVP alumnae are staying in school, graduating, and going to college. At least 15 GVP graduates are enrolled in area colleges and universities including Berry College, Agnes Scott College, Georgia State, and Georgia Tech.


How many students do you serve and where do they come from?

We enroll about 40 students in our full day academic program.  Our students have been in this country for 3 years or less.  This year they come from 15 countries including Afghanistan, Burma, Central African Republic, Nepal, Rwanda, Syria, and Somalia. We serve more than 75 students and alumnae in our mentoring program.


Why do you serve girls and not boys, too?

Globally, it is estimated that more than 130 million girls are not in school. Of the more than 120 million young people between the ages of 15 and 24 who cannot read or write, 61% are women. GVP students are representative of these statistics. Their lives and opportunities have been directly impacted by war, displacement, economic hardship and cultural norms that place a low priority on girls’ formal education. As an all-female learning community, GVP empowers refugee girls to learn, take risks, work collaboratively and creatively, ask questions, imagine new paths for their lives, and pursue the dreams that led them to this place.


How do these girls come to your school?

Most of our students are referred to us by other refugee serving agencies, including New American Pathways, IRC Atlanta, Catholic Charities, and World Relief.  We also receive many applicants through word-of-mouth, recommended by friends and families.


Why can’t these students go to public school?

We admit refugee young women ages 11-18 who arrive in this country with interrupted, limited or no formal education.  They typically have Kindergarten through 2nd grade skills in reading and math when they arrive at our school and limited or no English language proficiency. Public schools often do not have the resources to provide older students like these with the intensive support and individualized instruction they need to “catch up” and succeed in high school.


How do you fund your programs?

Our organization is funded mostly through private donations from individuals and foundations.  We do have some federal funding through the Refugee School Impact Grant. Our students’ families pay no tuition; lunch and transportation are also provided free of charge.


I have some wonderful barely used clothing and books—can I donate them to your school?

No, we do not have the storage space to take in-kind donations but hope you will visit our school’s Wish List if you would like to purchase and donate particular items. We also have a winter essentials drive (socks, gloves, hats, and scarves) in December each year, but we ask for new items only and that you speak with our staff before making any donations. Otherwise, please go to our website and consider making an online contribution to our school.


How can I help? 

We depend on private donations to support our school and provide full scholarships for all of our students.  The best way to help is to sign up as a monthly recurring donor.  For just $50 per month, less than one average trip to the grocery store, a GVP student is able to eat lunch at Agnes Scott College every day.  We have a “Donate Now” button on our website homepage, and that is the easiest way to give.  Please also follow us on your social media accounts and help us spread the word about our school.


How can I sign up to volunteer at GVP? 

Sign up on our website under “Get Involved”. We have more than 150 volunteers weekly who act as tutors, mentors, lunch walkers, classroom helpers, and office helpers. We have great group opportunities to fundraise for GVP during our Connecting Communities Walk or to serve by providing lunch for our students when Agnes Scott is closed.  Contact our staff and find out more!






October 5, 2016

11-5-2016: Connecting Communities Walk



On Saturday, November 5, 2016 at 10:00 AM, Global Village Project, a tuition-free, nonprofit private middle school for refugee girls, will hold its Fourth Annual Connecting Communities Walk. CCW is a 4.3 mile walk along the PATH Trail between Clarkston, where most refugees start their new lives in Georgia, and Decatur, where our school is located. We hope that you will join us in supporting newly arrived refugee girls and their families, by sponsoring our walk.

GVP students arrive in the United States eager for education. Some are older than traditional middle school age. Most have had little previous formal education because the violence and instability that forced them to flee their home countries made it unsafe to go to school. All dream of finishing high school, and attending college. Most are the first in their families to go to college. We believe they deserve that opportunity, and our innovative high school preparatory program and nurturing environment give these highly motivated girls space to grow into very successful students and empowered citizens. Every dollar we raise by walking helps provide life-changing educational opportunity to refugee girls at GVP.




Register to walk with us as an individual

Click here to visit the CCW website and register yourself as an individual walker.

Sponsor the event

Click here to sign up your business or organization as a walk sponsor.

Help us raise support by building your own fundraising ‘team’

Click here to start building a group of supporters from your friends and family.

Volunteer to help the day of the event

Email to get more information about volunteering for the event on November 5.


Thank you to our sponsors!


















August 16, 2016

11-17-2016: GA Gives Day!

Georgia Gives Day, an annual “flashmob of giving,” is when people all over Georgia give to their favorite nonprofit organizations within a 24-hour period. This year Georgia Gives Day is November 17. Since GVP started participating in the annual event, supporters like you have given over $150,000 through the campaign – putting us at #6 on the statewide giving leaderboard!


August 10, 2016

Georgia Tax Credit Scholarship Program 2016

How Can I Participate Right Now?


melitta and nilo

“It’s even easier this year!” -volunteer Melitta Brandt


Fund a scholarship for a GVP girl through your Georgia state tax dollars. The Georgia Private School Tax Credit (aka. Apogee) is a diversion program which lets you allocate your state taxes to the private school of your choice. This means that businesses and individuals like you can decide what to do with tax money that you would already be paying when you file your taxes: it’s a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. 


The state sets aside $58 million dollars in taxes to divert into this program, and we are hoping to claim $75,000 of this money in scholarships for GVP students, through commitments from supporters like you. Last year, this $58 million dollar cap was completely met on January 1, the official opening date of the program, so we are asking you to pre-register as soon as possible, if you’d like to participate!



How do I sign up?


1. Click here to sign up online. (It’s very easy!)

2. Enter your name and contact information, and select our school in the drop-down box.

3. Hit “Submit,” and you’re good to go.


1. Click here to select, print and complete the individual filing or corporate filing form.

2. Submit the forms to Apogee via fax or mail.

Fax: (404) 419-7101

Mail: Apogee Scholarship Fund 3330 Cumberland Blvd, Suite 400 Atlanta, GA 30339

You will receive a copy of your completed forms from Apogee via email, for your records. Apogee will contact you regarding payment in early 2016.



How much can I allocate?

We also gladly accept less than the maximum or splits, if you support another school!

  • Individuals: up to $1,000

  • Couples filing jointly: up to $2,500

  • Married couples filing separately: up to $1,250

  • S-Corp/LLC/Partnerships – shareholders of an S-Corp, member of a LLC or partner in a Partnership: $10,000

  • C-Corporations and trusts that pay Georgia taxes: 75% of their GA tax liability


Did you participate last year?

It is extremely easy to re-apply. Sign up via the online form with your email address and/or Donor ID number, and it will auto-populate your contact information.


Need help?

Contact Rachel Miller or Erin Halstead for help, and we can walk you through the process:

Rachel –

Erin –

Or call our office and ask for one of us: 404-371-0107

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