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• Application Process and Enrollment •



Interested students should fill out an application form and submit it to Denise Reidy-Puckett, Operations Manager at After receiving the application, we will contact potential students to schedule an appointment for an interview and academic assessment. 

Admissions are not selective based on previous academic performance. The Head of School makes admissions decisions based:

  • applicants’ fit with GVP’s admissions goals
  • available space in the appropriate class (based on age, assessment data and the student interview)

GVP will accept applications from prospective students at any time during the school year. Parents or those helping families with school enrollment can find the application here

When an application is received, GVP will contact the applicant and her family to schedule an appointment for interview and assessment. Unless the applicant is aged 18 or over, a parent or legal guardian must be present for the assessment and interview.  GVP will also ensure that an interpreter is present for this process, if necessary.


Enrollment Procedure


Attendance at Enrollment Day, held in August prior to each school year, is mandatory for all accepted students. If the application and admissions process takes place during the school year, the student will either be admitted, or will be placed on the waiting list. Students will be selected from the wait list as openings occur, but will not be admitted after January 15. The decision to accept candidates in the middle of a school year, prior to the second semester, will be made by the Head of School, in consultation with the faculty, on a case-by-case basis. Students not admitted before January 15 may be considered for the following school year and will be contacted during the spring recruitment and application period.


All students are required to submit the following enrollment documents prior to their first day of school:

  • Withdrawal form from previous educational institution
  • Transcript, if available, from previous educational institution
  • Health and immunization forms


Application Form


If you or someone you know is interested in applying to the Global Village Project, please review our See our 2018-2019 admissions/enrollment process here and submit an application form: GVP 2018-2019 Application (revised 1/2018)